Declan's newborn session + Charlotte, NC

I was lucky enough to photography Courtney & Chase for their maternity shoot at Latta's nature preserve a few weeks ago before their little one came into the world so coming into their home to capture their new life as a family of three felt like seeing old friends (and one tiny new one!) I can't thank them enough for inviting me into their home and being so sweet to me. It's been quite a few weeks since Declan was born and I love keeping up with how much he's growing through the pictures Courtney shares, but here are some of my favorites from when this little Cowboy's fan was just a few days old!

Kennedy & Cameron's Little Italy

Sorry you guys, I couldn't resist the title. I shot this newborn session a few weeks ago and am finally getting around to blogging it. First of all, baby Italy was a dream! I don't do much of the "posed" newborn style shooting but wanted to give it a try since Kennedy was down. for it, and sure enough Italy complied! I was so happy to finally have a sleeping newborn to (attempt) to pose in those cute little ways I always see. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a huge fan of the more photojournalistic/lifestyle sessions as I feel it captures life as it is (and as it was) in the most natural way possible, it was really fun to try something new. I have a new respect for newborn photographers that pose those little ones so perfectly, it's hard work!! Thanks to both Kennedy and Cameron for inviting me into their home and letting me capture their memories. Here are my favorites below:

Elizabeth + Patrick - Maternity Session, NC

I just giggled a little bit while writing the title to this post. Normally I try to include the person, the session and the location. This day however, Elizabeth and her husband Patrick invited me to follow them along to a patch of sunflowers somewhere off the highway outside of Charlotte, NC. I reckon it was somewhere in Gastonia, near Kings Mountain, but I honestly couldn't take myself back if I were alone.

That being said, looking back at the photos from our time together, I'm absolutely obsessed with the location and the fact that Elizabeth scouted it out herself. It truly shows that while location can be key, it's all about how you work with what's around you. Hats off to this couple for climbing into the patch of flowers, amidst the bees and all, to capture some really amazing photos. Y'all are the best!

Sophia + Newborn Session

I drove to Rock Hill, SC to meet with Emily, her Fiancé Jimmy and their beautiful new daughter Sophia to capture their family in their home. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I LOVE in home sessions. I love the comfortable feeling that oozes from the photographs with these sessions. I love plopping the whole family on the bed and just letting them interact naturally (apart from there being a camera a few feet away). This time was no different. Let me tell you, newborns do what they want, when they want, and little Sophia was NOT having any of me being up in her face with the camera, but once she was in mamas arms she calmed down and let me capture some of my favorite in-home session pictures to date. I can't thank her parents enough for allowing me into their home to capture such priceless memories. Also - big thanks to them for not letting their dogs eat me (I have NEVER seen a dog so protective over a little babe!!! I was terrified!) 

Here are my favorites from our session below: