The most beautiful lighting comes on dreary days. Clouds diffuse light perfectly. Unfortunately, a side effect of that is blown out/white skies in your photos. I normally don't mind until a few weeks ago my husband said this photo would look great with a blue sky and some clouds, and he was right. So yesterday I sat down for hours trying to figure out how to do that in photoshop. 7 YouTube videos later and Voila! Here you have the before and after. I've got a lot of practicing to do, as I see flaws in the work I've done, but I can't wait to use this new skill to make my images that much more beautiful! I can't believe I've gone this long with out knowing how to do basic things on photoshop, I've used other photo editing programs, but nothing like this. Stay tuned to see more practice shots! Come take the ride with me! Whatever image you have in your head, I'd love to help you create it. Snaps for Kayla!

Kayla HouserComment