You call it madness, but I call it love...


A few weeks ago a friend contacted me with an idea. An idea that I had been playing around with in my head for the past year but never had the guts to get out and do it. The idea was boudoir photography. A session that encompasses the femininity of the female spirit, the beauty of the female form, and a chance to make every woman feel like the goddess she knows she is. I am all about female empowerment, and I know that means different things to different people, and I certainly recognize that the display of female empowerment doesn't just come from their physical form, but from their mind through their words and their body through their actions.

I believe boudoir photography can be a powerful tool in shining the light on our inner confidence and pulling it to the surface. That's why, in 2017 I will now be offering BOUDOIR SESSIONS!

Whether or not you are looking to give your photos as a gift to a loved one or use the day to pamper yourself, I am here to make your dreams come true! 


As I arrived at Andie's house (the friend who nudged me to give this a whirl!) I could hear the music blasting before I even knocked on the door. She was teasing her hair and dancing to the best R&B the early 2000's had to offer (my fave!) when I walked in. We were both nervous, but had talked thoroughly about the session before hand, sharing photos from pinterest that we adored and even photos from a previous boudoir session she had done a few years ago. I felt like I was in awesome hands with her, which is funny because I was the one doing the work! We laughed and learned from each other all afternoon and ended up with amazing photographs to boot. I am so happy she asked me to do this with her, and happy that she was able to teach me so much (boudoir posing is so different from portrait photography!) 
Andie did her own makeup for the photos and is a very talented make up artist! We had so much fun working together that her and I will be teaming up for your sessions to offer you a one stop shop! Check out the photos below and please contact me with any further questions you have about pricing and availability!

Starting in March I will offer sessions at my in-home studio (more to come about that!) but until then I will happily drive to your home to create these beautifully intimate moments with you!


Keep in mind, these 8 photos are only a select few of the (over 100!) images that I handed to Andie once our shoot was finished! I want to give you an idea of what we have to offer (makeup and photography) without giving away all of her goodies! 

Now make your way to the Contact Page and shoot me a message to set up your session!

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