Penelope's Fresh 48 Session

Today the weather has brought about rain which (thankfully) is allowing me to catch up on all the blog posts I've been meaning to make about all the work I've been up to recently. Here's to my windows being open, a breeze rolling through and the sound of the rain to lull me into a hyper-productive desk zombie (yay!) 
Can you be lulled into hyper-activity? 
Okay but seriously, last week I was able to visit an Uptown Hospital and celebrate the birth of a beautiful baby into a beautiful family. I want to thank Erin for inviting me to capture a little slice of her life, and introducing my to her daughter, Penelope. Erin is a local photographer as well and other than my self-induced anxiety about whether she'd sniff me out as a fraud while I'm busy living my dream and passing it off as "work" (seriously, how is this my JOB!?) everything went amazing and we ended the session just outside the hospital where the rest of her family joined along to celebrate this new life. Erin creates lovely work and I'll link you guys to her website below so you can check her out! 


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