Hillary & Joe's Wedding + Ritchie Hill, Concord NC

Just one more time for the record I'm going to say how absolutely BEAUTIFUL Ritchie Hill in Concord, NC is! 

Hillary and Joe got married on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with all of their closest friends and family to cheer them on. The day went on without a hitch and the ceremony and reception were perfect (the BBQ was amazing! I snuck a plate and hid away stuffing my face while everyone else ate!) 

My most favorite part though, was watching the new man and wife let loose during the money dance. Neither were told about this before it happened and they both took it like champs (though I gotta say, Joe killed it. See below.)

I am so happy to have met both of these awesome people, their humor, wit, and sarcasm and their good hearts (Hillary is training to be a nurse, and Joe is a police officer) made this wedding an American dream. Cheers to so many happy years to come, you two!

Here are my favorites below:

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