Chad & Amanda + Camellia Gardens

After photographing Amanda and Chad (and their fur babies!) for their engagement shoot at Wiseman's Overlook I knew their wedding day would be a breeze. Not only are these two crazy in love, but they're naturals in front of the camera. If they were willing to drive two hours to meet me in the mountains in the morning, I knew they'd be easy going and their wedding would be a beautiful day.

I have to say, as my last wedding in May, the weather was a complete 180 from how I started this season. There was not a cloud in SIGHT y'all! I mean, it was sunny, and it was HOT! It was beautiful. Their venue, Camellia Gardens, absolutely shone in the sunlight of the day. The bright red flower bushes that littered the property were glowing. I can't say enough about how sweet the owners were and how on top of everything they were, even with having their family over to their home (near the venue) because it was Mothers Day!

We did a first look not only with Amanda and Chad, but with Amanda and her dad, and being the daddy's girl that I am, I absolutely loved it. For Amanda and Chad's first look we went to this huge old oak tree on the property and once Chad saw Amanda, I swear he checked her out for 5 minutes, twirling her and admiring every detail about her. You can absolutely tell how much they care about each other just by looking at them (and they've been together for 10 years!)

The ceremony and reception were beautiful, and even in the heat you could tell how happy everyone was to be apart of this day. The details they put into their decorations were AWESOME! Chad is a gearhead (I hope I'm saying that right!) so their seating arrangements were attached to toy cars (should they be called toys?? They were awesome!) And I overheard Chad telling a friend of his that he specifically chose a certain car to go with his name! See, detail! As the day progressed the party moved onto the lawn beside the ceremony where there was shade but a few people snuck onto the dance floor in the sun and Chad even made his way to the keg for a celebratory keg stand! I love these two!!

I can't wait to work with Amanda and Chad again in the future and wish them all the best in their marriage. I know by meeting their families and extended families on this day that they have a beautiful support system around them. Cheers to the newlyweds! 


Wedding Coordinator: Jessica Roland of Crackerjack Sound Decisions
DJ: Chris Roland of Crackerjack Sound Decisions

(they are amazing!!)

Venue: Camellia Gardens @ (704) 634-4742

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