Hillary's Bridal Session + Ritchie Hill, Concord NC

I'm so behind on all of my updates! Hillary's wedding has come and gone, and I've already delivered her final images but today we are going to celebrate her amazing bridal session!

I met Hillary at Ritchie Hill in Concord, NC on a gorgeous afternoon. Just enough cloud coverage to keep us cool and diffuse the light perfectly. I had never been to Ritchie Hill before and was pleasantly surprised to see how much of a hidden gem it was. Giant wrap around porch, the greenest lawn on the block and with enough southern charm to make your grandma grin! Hillary and her husband were also getting married at Ritchie Hill so it was nice to get a sneak peak of where their big day would be held.

Hillary is a dream, obviously (see below) but the cherry on top of my day was how adorable she was. This girl giggled and glowed the entire session and though I had met her and Joe before, I could especially see in her face this day, how unapologetically excited and giddy she was about getting married. 

Here are my favorites below:

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