Matt & Jerrica + Mount Holly City Hall

I LOVE THIS COUPLE! Matt, the groom and I, went to school together so this wedding was littered with old friends and it made my heart so happy. His wife Jerrica is one of the coolest and sweetest girls I know, and I love that knowing him has brought her into my life. They got married at Mount Holly City Hall on a beautiful summer day in June. Jerrica's mom Kim is a florist so their wedding was absolutely stunning, flowers and decor alike. I couldn't believe the transition the building had made from a few weeks ago when we came by to shoot Jerrica's bridal portraits (it was empty!)

You can tell by the pictures how fun of a couple Matt and Jerrica are and their big day was made even more special by the presence of their two kids Ryker and Emery. They are so lucky to have been able to experience the marriage of their parents. They, along with the rest of our friends and their family had a blast the entire day. Matt danced out on the floor more than any groom I've ever seen. I love how comfortable they are with each other and how smooth and fun their day was.

Check out my favorite images (and there's tons of them!) from their big day!

Kayla HouserComment